Week One – Training for St. Jude’s 5K September 24th run


The title of this post sounds so ambitious – training for a 5K run. Doesn’t it just sound better than we’re trying to run a 5K as a family? We looked up tips and tricks on how to get into better shape for a 5K run. Google did not let us down. There were plenty of experts out there trying to help us be better runners or just trying to sell us something.


As a former smoker, I’m a little daunted getting ready to run a 5K. I’ll admit it, and being me, I need to preplan everything before I can feel comfortable about it. Silly? Maybe, but I like to sift through all of the information first. That allows me to ignore what I decide to ignore.


Yesterday, we went to Costco and bought groceries for the week. We got chicken and a pork tenderloin for meat. We also got a bunch of vegetables and fruit. We did not make it home with any bagels, rolls or croissants.


Tonight Andy and I will start running while Morgan is in karate. I should have a few funny stories to share about how well I do or don’t do at this. Since I’m the most clumsy person in the world, this should be interesting. Cross your fingers for me!


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