A Nap, a Massage, and some serious DoTERRA Deep Blue Rub

Creaky, crack and groan! I feel old today and very stiff! But we did it, so I hurt so good. Andy and I ran 3 miles while Morgan was in karate class at the Denver Karate Academy. We ran for .1 of a mile, and then we would walk .05 of a mile, and then we’d run again and then walk again. We had a time of 44 minutes which was mainly my fault. I did not stretch out properly, and I have pulled my right hip muscle. I have been applying DoTERRA Deep Blue Rub all morning. It contains wintergreen, camphor, peppermint and eucalyptus to name a few of the essential oils in it. I hurt, but deep blue is helping me move around. I got onto my DoTERRA website and ordered the Athlete’s Kit. Andy keeps saying that we’re athletes in training, so I’m running with it. (Notice how punny I am? Lol)


Sorry. I got sidetracked with my 2 mile walk at lunch. I’ve been doing it for several weeks now. Today was a little touchy with that hip flexor. It settled down around the first mile mark. Andy and I will still be running tonight. Morgan starts her prep classes for Black Belt training on September the 6th. We figure that gives us 2 weeks to get faster before then. We’ll only have 45 minutes to stretch, run and cool down which I think will be a little tight as far as a time frame goes. We have both been working out separately, so it’s nice to work out together. It’s definitely not something that we’ve ever done before now.


I’d dearly love a nap right now, but I just need to get back to work. See y’all again tomorrow.


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