Are We There Yet?!?

Laugh away. I’m kind of laughing at myself this morning as well because we have 4 more weeks to go. We ran 3.1 miles, or 5K, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. DoTERRA deep blue rub is now my best friend. Andy was also applying it last night. Poor Morgan even needed it yesterday. She didn’t need it because of running. She fell in gym and hurt her knee. She put deep blue on while we were cooking dinner last night. She was so happy when it started working which just goes to show how much our kids don’t really listen to us.
Tonight will be Friday night, and we will all be running together. We all run at different speeds, so this should get interesting. Andy and I started out at the park next to the school last night before I dragged him into the neighborhood. I have an easier time running towards a distance goal instead of just running around the track. Andy also runs at a faster pace than I do. We have very different measures of success for running, too. He wants to run as fast as he can to have a good time. I want to achieve the balance of speed and patterned breathing. I love running when all I focus on is my music, my breathing and my feet hitting the pavement. I am having a hard time getting my rhythm while hearing someone running beside me. Silly? Probably but I am used to running alone. Running with a partner will take some getting used to.

We have done very well and have eaten healthy all week long. We have really kept the carbs down to a minimum. I have successfully not eaten a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich every night this week, but I could not turn down mac-n-cheese. Ugh! On the other hand, I really like steaming red peppers and yellow peppers with our broccoli, and that makes eating grilled or baked chicken easier.

Even the dogs are getting in on the action. Pepper is eating away on some carrots that he stole right off of the coffee table. Cole Bear can’t stand veggies. He’s a pure meat kind of guy; he’s paleo all the way.

Gotta get back to the day job. Everyone have an awesome Friday. Be kind to a stranger even if it’s just a smile. You can be someone’s light today!


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