Fighting Allergies with Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint DoTerra Essential Oils Update


Our allergies are a lot better now that we have quit smoking, but we still battle with allergy problems especially here in Colorado when the weather changes. In Littleton, we’re right up against the front range which means that storms form right over our heads before they travel downhill towards Denver. I get a sinus headache which just pounds away behind my eyes; it’s quite brutal when it’s a fast moving storm. I’ve been on daily allergy medication for years, and I even took allergy shots when I was a kid. Getting off of my daily dose of Claritin seemed impossible. When I would forget to take my pill in the morning, I would have that splitting sinus headache by about 3 pm in the afternoon.

Voluntarily inflicting that much pain on myself seemed insane, but I was willing to give DoTerra’s Tri-Ease formula a try. We started out making ourselves a Tri-Ease bomb with the Veggie Caps. We used 4 drops each of lemon. lavender and peppermint essential oil in the caps, and we made 2 of them for each of us. Even though I could feel the first 2 working within 5 minutes of taking them, I couldn’t stop myself from putting a bottle of Claritin in my pocket before I went to work just in case I needed it. Old habits die hard. Turns out I didn’t need the Claritin. The oils go to work immediately. You can feel the peppermint making different parts of your body feel cold as it works where it needs to work. After I burped, I could taste the three oils, and my lips usually end up tasting like peppermint which is kind of neat. I’m almost a month of no daily allergy pill, and I’m not living with sinus pain and pressure anymore which is really nice. I still have issues when I’m sitting right where a heater is blowing on me. My contacts dry out, my eyes get itchy, and I have to put peppermint on my temples to stop a headache from forming. The headache does stop, and I don’t have even have to take any ibuprofen either.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Tri-Ease bomb. I’m very interested to see how it does for a major snow storm. Those are usually good for a headache the entire day before. We may get enough snow next Tuesday for me to see if I get the sinus pressure headache or not. Still, I’m very pleased with not having an almost daily headache anymore. I’m actually looking forward to seeing how well they work for the air pressure changes next that the snow will bring. I’ll see.

Practice random acts of kindness while you’re driving around today by letting someone over and not blowing your horn at someone who just cut you off. Everyone gets irritated in traffic, so use the opportunity to do a good deed! Let your light shine through. Have a great day, folks!


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