Christmas Chaos and Family Fun

I really hope that everyone is enjoying their Christmas time. I know that we are. We are blessed to have Grandpa Peter visiting with this at this time of year. We trade with Uncle Tony; last year we had him out for Thanksgiving. This year though we have him at Christmas time which I think makes the holiday better because Andy is happier. Like I said, we are enjoying his visit and our Christmas, and I hope that you are too.

We’ve gotten so many wonderful new DoTERRA products for Christmas that we are trying that I have a ton of new stuff to tell you about. So many new things that I don’t even know where to start. I’m also typing this blog post on my new HP Notebook that I received from Santa. How awesome was it that I made the nice list?!

I don’t know about you guys, but staying on our diet is proving a little hard during the holidays.We started taking the DoTERRA Vanilla Trim Shake for breakfast the V-Shake for lunch. We’ve been adding the trim shake to our green smoothies in the mornings instead of the Greek yogurt. For lunch, we simply do a fruit smoothie with the v-shake because it is made out of vegetable protein. Then we’ve been having a sensible dinner. If we need a snack, Andy has been doing popcorn, and I’ve been dipping a plain rice cake in either salsa or green chili. We started on December the 8th, and I reset my weight goals on my Fitbit at the same time.

We’re still doing the DoTERRA Vanilla Trim Shake for breakfast. but we’re having a sensible lunch instead of a shake while Peter is here. We’re also splurging a little for dinner, and we have been drinking a little more than usual when we see different friends at different parties. We are taking the DoTERRA Terrazyme with all of the processed foods that we are eating as well as with the alcohol that we are drinking. I’ve lost 3 pounds since we started with the Trim Shake and Terrazyme on December the 8th. Andy is down a pound, but he hasn’t gained any extra weight since then, so we’re counting that as a victory.

We’re going to hit it hard in January, and we knew we’d be splurging a little over the holidays. We decided to start the shakes before the holidays just because we knew we’d be eating so much over the holidays. At least we’re still trying to be good. You hear that you need to eat healthy 80% of the time, and we are making small baby steps towards that goal.

I’m off to cook dinner. Have a Happy Holiday season everyone


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