2017 New Year’s Resolution Challenge – Adios 2016

Are you busy making resolutions for 2017? I’m totally getting ready to see what 2017 has in store. 2016 has been long, battering and bruising. We’ve seen the worst in a lot of people without seeing the best. We’ve watched a nasty election being manipulated by both political parties, and we’ve lost a lot of our iconic celebrities that were so important in our childhood memories. People have lost faith in our nation’s future and have lost hope for what the future holds. Sounds dramatic, huh? 2016 has been the year of rage and drama, but we should have expected to be disappointed. When you put your faith in man, you will always be disappointed because man is broken.

Let’s put our faith in the Son of Man, and we will never be disappointed. I’m going to make 2017 the year that the light shines through. I want to take positivity everywhere I go, and I want to have a kind word to say to strangers. I want people to see the light of Jesus shining through my actions. Faith without action is dead. It’s time to heal our nation from the pain of 2016 by reaching out to our neighbors with love and a helping hand. Leave the political memes to Facebook. What is done cannot be undone. Instead concentrate on changing your community. Fine, swipe the saying think globally but act locally.

So, I have a 2017 challenge for everybody, and it’s simple. How can you show love to someone today? How can you quietly make a difference for someone who is hurting and in need? Can you offer a kind word or a hug to someone who is suffering in silence? Will you take 4 hours out of your busy schedule to volunteer for a cause that speaks to you once a month? Break out of your comfort zone, and let your spirit soar. Fight back against all of the negative news stories that you see every day, and be the light for someone who needs hope. For who can live without hope? Just take a look at some of the pictures that come from war torn areas, and you can see what living without hope looks like. Read a story about someone who takes their own life because of constant bullying, and you can see what hopelessness looks like.

Join me in this 2017 Love Challenge. I’m taking part as well, and I think trying to spread daily love will be very hard. It’s easy to lose yourself in living your daily life, and it’s easy to get wrapped in being stressed and overworked. I plan on taking stock of what I am grateful for every day, and then I’m going to spread love on a daily basis. What will that look like exactly? I’m not really sure. Some days it might be letting someone over in traffic, and some days it might be telling my cashier in Walmart thank you. Join me in volunteering for 4 hours a month. Do you realize that 4 hours a month ends up being 2 days out of 365, so don’t tell me that you have no time or that you’re too busy. We waste a lot more time than that simply being on our cell phones or binge watching shows on Netflix.

Let 2017 be the year that we measure success by how much love we spread instead of being measured by material success. If  you gain all the wealth in the world but you lose your soul, was it worth it? I guess you can put a lot of stuff in your coffin, but it really doesn’t go with you. We leave how we touched people as our legacies, so start today.

I’m very grateful to have woken up today and that I get another day of life on this planet. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and thank your sharing it. I know that you are up to this challenge and will blow it out of the water! Bless you, and may all of you have a very blessed day today!


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