Snow, Grandpa Peter and Frontier Airlines – Who will blink first?

Are you enjoying your new year yet? We have been enjoying ours so far. We have said goodbye to holiday eating, and we are back to doing a doTerra Trim Shake for breakfast and lunch instead of just breakfast. I’m down over 2 pounds which I think is pretty good considering we enjoyed our holiday eating and drinking. With Grandpa Peter out to visit, we definitely enjoyed our normal stay-cation of good food and good drink.

Now it’s time to get back into the groove of the new year and get buckled back into work instead of vacation mode. I am supposed to be taking Grandpa Peter back to the airport tomorrow morning for him to catch a 6 am flight back to Georgia which would mark the true end of the holiday season and vacation mode. Last week we were expecting snow Monday through Thursday, and I was wondering if his flight would be delayed. The weather had other ideas, and the snow didn’t actually start until this afternoon around 3. Now we’re watching the snow move in, and the worst of the snow is supposed to fall between tonight and 7 or 8 tomorrow morning. His flight out from Atlanta was cancelled by Frontier even though snow fell on Saturday before that flight. I’ve been checking Denver International Airport’s website all day. Almost 4 dozen flights have been cancelled or delayed, but his flight shows as being on time for tomorrow. Frontier has cancelled flights before and after his flight, but they have not cancelled his actual flight. They didn’t cancel his flight out until after he had been dropped off at the airport, and his ride had already made the 2 hour drive back home. Then they delayed the flight and cancelled it after the delay. He had to wake someone up to go back to the airport and get him. Had Frontier Airlines had more integrity they would have cancelled his flight sooner.

Which brings me back to watching the news and keeping my eye on DIA’s website to see if the flight has been cancelled. I really have absolutely no desire to make the long and possibly treacherous commute from Littleton to DIA in the worst part of the storm with negative temperatures and roads that have not been cleared. This snow storm is moving east from us and could possibly bring snow or freezing rain to Georgia late Friday night into Saturday. It has already dumped snow west of us.

I need some positive thoughts and prayers thrown at this weather system. I need for Frontier to ony delay his flight and not cancel it because we need good weather for him to land in Atlanta. Denver is used to snow even if it seems to throw Frontier Airlines into a terminal tail spin. Atlanta does not have the deicing equipment that Denver has or the snow plows either. Atlanta usually starts with that nice coat of ice before the snow moves in. When Frontier cancelled his flight out here, they couldn’t rebook him for 5 days because they had already rebooked so many other stranded passengers. He didn’t bring enough medication with him to last for an extra five days, so like I said we need some positive thoughts and prayers that his flight back home is not delayed from our end and from Atlanta’s end. So we wait, and we watch. Who will blink first? The storm or Frontier. My money is on Frontier blinking first. We’ll have to wait and see.


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