That Friday Feeling, New Year’s Resolution Revisit and the week in review

Hi, y’all, it just feels like a y’all kind of day. The sun is bright and shiny outside, and the sky is that eye catching blue of winter with little puffy clouds hanging around. It’s a hooky kind of day is what my Friday feeling is telling me. Definitely hard to concentrate. We’re expecting more cold today, but it should be warmer this weekend. We’ll need to go fly drones this weekend if it’s not too windy. Still, today looks like spring despite the snow hanging around across the street.

It’s been a hard week to keep working at my New Year’s resolutions to be more healthy this year. We did a veggie lasagna on Monday this week along with asparagus. The asparagus was homemade, but the lasagna was Stouffer’s pre-made lasagna which means it was processed food instead of clean food. So, was it better than fast food from a burger joint? Well, yeah, slightly, but it still wasn’t as good for us as a homemade lasagna would have been. We still did meatless Monday, but there was a measure of guilt there.

We cooked fresh food and veggies on Tuesday and Thursday, but we went out on Wednesday for date night, mainly because of karate. Next month we’ll be back to three nights a week at karate because of kiddo’s black belt prep classes which also means the temptation to get dessert will rear its ugly head. The struggle is real!

The impatience to lose our extra weight quickly pokes and prods at me, too. I think that I’ve mentioned that patience is not my most exercised attribute. Luckily, Andy keeps reminding me that we didn’t gain our weight all at once, and we won’t lose it all at once either. But, still, why can’t it just disappear?!? Because a magic pill to make the weight go poof would probably kill me due to some strange side effect, we made the pact with each other to shift to a more healthy lifestyle instead of doing some fad diet. We’re working on six month goals. I just keep driving myself crazy by weighing myself daily, and I weigh myself in the morning before I eat anything so that I weigh as little as possible. Lol, like that’s going to help.

Successes for the week – we had our Trim Shake every morning for breakfast made with almond milk and frozen fruits and veggies. We also had a Trim Shake for lunch 6 out of 7 days, so that’s pretty good. We had the processed pre-made lasagna one night and we ate out one night, but we made the rest of our 5 dinners, and we had 2 servings of vegetables with every meal. We’ve gone for a mile long walk for the past 4 out of 5 days. Our biggest success of the week was finding a fish recipe that Andy will eat, and we have added fish Friday to our routine. Morgan is not happy about that because she hates fish, but I’m super excited to be adding a day of fish to our diet that is not just tuna salad – though I make a killer tuna salad that even Morgan eats.

Goals for next week – I picked that Stouffer’s lasagna up out of habit, and I need to break that habit. It just seemed easier at the time to grab something already made so that I could make sure everyone liked it. I need to grab some uncooked lasagna noodles and conquer making homemade lasagna. I’ve never made homemade noodles, and that will be next though I don’t own a pasta maker. I want to walk 5 out of 7 days next week. I want to find 2 new chicken recipes to try next week, and I only want to cook beef for dinner for one night.

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