Lovingly Cupped Soft Hands Not Pointing Fingers

We’ve drifted from a contentious election year in 2016 into a jaw dropping Super Bowl LI between the Patriots and the Falcons. It might seem odd to link the two, but the first thing that I saw on Facebook this morning was a meme stating #NotmySuperbowlChampions over the Patriots logo. I laughed, and then I started reading some of the posts and comments made during the game.

Wow! Just wow! I was way too busy stuffing my face with jalapeno sausage, cheese fondue and a ton of vegetables to post on social media which probably stopped me from making an ass out of myself when the Patriots came roaring back in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter. We don’t watch regular football; we really only watch the Superbowl to make cheese fondue.

We were rooting for the Falcons mainly because the Patriots have cheated so much in the past, and we both grew up watching the Falcons lose a lot of games in Georgia. It would have been nice if they could have won their first Superbowl championship. The Braves have been making them look bad for years after all.

I can’t retype what I said when the Patriots won. I’m ashamed of myself; it was bad. I was surprised by how much I cared about the outcome of the game until I realized that it was based on negativity. I wanted the Falcons to win because it would have been the first time they had, true, but I really wanted them to crush the Patriots because they have cheated so much. How can a victory be allowed to stand if you had to cheat to get it?

Secretly, I wanted to see the Falcons hand the Patriots a stunning defeat, and the Falcons could really have been any team at all. Judge, jury, and executioner all wrapped up in a neat package while wearing red. What could have been better really? I wanted to see some poetic justice, but poetic justice is simply every day vengeance. By judging the Patriot’s sins, I became just as bad as they were when I made my nasty comment after they won.

I was not acting lovingly in any way shape or form, and it was really over a silly game. I just got lucky that only Andy and Morgan heard me at the end of the game. That I didn’t post my negativity out into the universe via social media. We’re not called to judge people; we’re called to love them. We all stumble from time to time. I know I do. The important thing to remember is that we have a chance to love each other every day with no judgements. Just because we weren’t perfect yesterday doesn’t mean that we can’t try again today. We just have to keep plugging along with outstretched hands instead of a pointing finger or a fist.


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