Tremble Like a Chihuahua

Bring me chicken!

I’m not really sure how we ended up with little dogs; I’ve always been a medium sized dog person. A medium sized dog can still snuggle and get love but has no problem going on longer hikes with you. Most medium sized dogs seem to be a nice mix of other breeds, and you end up with a more mellow dog that has the best characteristics of all of the different breeds. A medium sized dog seems more durable than a little dog.

When the vet sent our then 12 year old puppy home to die of kidney failure, we ended up with a long haired chihuahua, and our 12 year old lab mix passed away at the ripe old age of 15.5. Before that happened though, we ended up with Dr. Pepper, who we call Pepperoni most of the time, and Coley Bear his baby brother. They are both long haired chihuahuas, and they look just adorable most of the time. I have a theory that evil is cute.

We got our boys while we were living in Texas, and they think like Texans. Laugh, but it is true. When we go on walks, they think that they are bigger than every dog we meet, and they bark accordingly. A Thundershirt and lavender essential oil helps, but it is still embarrassing. Coley Bear was attacked by dogs while he was a puppy and on the leash, so he now barks out of fear. Almost like he thinks if he barks first then the other dog will be so terrified of him that they’ll just run away. He never seems to notice that most of the labs in our neighborhood just laugh at him as they walk past. They know that he’s little.

Like Texans or Coloradans, our guys love to be outside. They sunbathe in the backyard by the fence when it is warm enough. In the winter time, they love to sunbathe on the stairs. We open the front door and keep the inner glass door shut. They climb a stair or two and bark at anyone walking past on ‘their’ sidewalk in between snoozing in the sun. They make sure our house is super safe. No stray dog is going to bust into here and get any of their love. Not gonna happen on their watch!

Have you ever laughed at a trembling, shaky chihuahua? I have plenty of times just assuming that they were shaking because they were so little and cold. Oh, boy, was I wrong. Hearts the size of Texas cause our little guys to quake and quiver. A chihuahua throws his whole heart into loving his humans. They don’t hold anything back. Their love engulfs them, and they have to shake because they just can’t keep all of that inside. They are prepared to sacrifice themselves for you at a moments notice should they need to do so.

You never have to wonder where you stand with a chihuahua either, and you will never have to go to the bathroom alone again as long as they are around to save you from such a solitary fate. A chihuahua loves without boundaries and accepts no limitations. There is nothing that they cannot accomplish even if they have to employ their mental mind control over their humans. Dog is truly God spelled backwards.

So, tremble like a chihuahua. Embrace life and love with everything that you have in you. Take that first small step towards making your dreams come true today. Success is failure that wouldn’t quit. Accept no limitations. What are you waiting for? What small thing have you done today to get you closer to reaching your goals?

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