Do You Hear What I Hear?

Do you hear what I hear is a valid question when you are wondering what your dog hears that you don’t hear. After all, our boys know at least 30 seconds before the garage door goes up even though our arrival times vary. Right before the bell rings at school Pepperoni gets very excited that his girl will be coming out to him. Pepper assures me every time that we can actually go and pick her up that we are rescuing her from a fate that is worse than death, though what that fate actually is remains to be defined. They definitely hear things that we don’t hear that they bark at incessantly sometimes.

Being a mom has educated me to the fact that what I say is not what my child often hears. There is a disconnect of some sort between my mouth and her ears. I often wonder what she hears from the internal filter in her head that helps her make decisions. Getting Morgan to verbalize what she interpreted from my words often makes me hide my laughter until she’s out of the room. Laughter is the same as blood in the water when you’re trying to find out why.

Clean your room has never meant shove everything under the bed so that Mommy doesn’t see it. Sweep the floor doesn’t really mean sweep the dirt under the couch or the coffee table and then lip sync in front of the mirror using the broom as a microphone. Feed the boys means with actual dog food and not just a treat. Put your laundry up means into a drawer or hung up in the closet not shoved into a pillow case and hidden as a pillow on your bed.

Though Andy and I laugh about some of these, because what was she thinking, when you’re trying to get finished with the Saturday morning cleaning because you want to go do something fun, it can be frustrating because stuff is not getting finished, and it can be frustrating to not be heard. Maybe in a few more years her teenage brain will rewire, and then our words will find their way across space and make sense. Until then, I’ll have to keep my laughter to myself when it gets really outrageous.





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