Lush Grass and Lush Margaritas

Doesn’t the word lush just roll of your tongue? Lush is one of those words that sounds like what it means. When I say lush, I picture green grass, blue skies and puffy white clouds. I imagine spring peaking out after a harsh winter. I can hear birds singing away in the background. Achoo! I’ve even just sneezed due to imaginary pollen. Lol.

Usually by this time of the winter, I am desperate for spring to arrive even though winter is just getting started in February. I’m tired of chapped lips and elbows that are so dry that I can draw blood if you hit one of them. I’m ready to be back outside without wearing so many layers. I’m ready to feel the sun on my face and a nice gentle breeze in my¬† hair. Ready to be on a hike with the whole family and the dogs without worrying that the boys will get frozen little paws. Ready to enjoy spring because winter time is finally over.

Here I am enjoying this beautiful 75 degree day. I’ll take the boys on 2 walks today because it’s warm enough. It’s perfect kite weather here in Littleton today if you can ignore the wind gusts. I have the pollen sniffles, so grass is definitely trying to grow. This warm of a winter is usually what I’m all about, but….

Aaaaaaah! This year I was really looking forward to what I call enforced exercise. In the winter time, enforced exercise is shoveling the driveway and the sidewalks because it is hard to get out and walk when their is snow and ice on the sidewalks. Plus, it’s a pretty good upper body workout as I bend at the knees and throw the snow. I was all prepared to shovel and just love the snow when the weather betrayed me. I’ve only had to shovel twice this year so far. Of course, February is when the real snow starts in Denver, so winter has plenty of time to wreak some havoc and make me eat my words. Shoot, we’re expecting wet, heavy snow tomorrow and Sunday, but only 1-3″ or so.

Still, today I am dreaming about cutting the grass, another enforced exercise because we have a non-powered lawn mower that you just push. I’m including a picture of my lush lawn and me enjoying a lush margarita after I finished mowing it right before the rain came. Bring on the snow, winter. My heart can’t take all of this teasing!

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