I Can’t Seem to do Jack Diddley Squat Today

I’ve been looking forward to today all week. Valentine’s Day was awesome, and we had a blast for Andy’s birthday dinner yesterday. But today was the day because today was going to have a high of 70. Turns out that today is going to have a high of 73, and I’m not outside to enjoy it. Oh, the humanity of it all!!

Morgan came home from school sick on Monday, and I seem to have her creeping crud today. The good news is that she seemed to be all better by Wednesday, so I’m hoping that I’ll feel better by tomorrow. I gave her melaleuca, lemon, lavender and oregano essential oils in a veggie gel cap, and it seemed to knock her illness right out. The only thing that persisted was a small headache. I’ve been taking the same mixture of essential oils today, and I really am starting to feel better except for the headache that remains and the fever.

I was planning on squatting in the backyard and getting the flower beds ready for spring. It’s time to rip out everything that is dead that I left out for ground cover against the snow. It’s time to break ground and fertilize a little before anything starts growing. Most of all it’s time to pull the weeds that have already started growing because it has been so warm. Once everything has been cleared out, it will be time to decide where the new rose bushes go this year. We have 6 bushes in at the moment, and I’ll probably put another 4 bushes in. We’re just running out of space in the floor beds that surround the backyard.

We have a raised flower box that has seen better days and needs to be repaired, and we need to put out more wood chips every where. Our little garden area needs some serious work right now, too. I’d love to tackle composting and get an area where we can make our own more natural fertilizer. All in all we have a lot of work to put into the backyard before it can morph into something beautiful this spring and summer that we can be proud of.

I had so many bright and shiny plans for today’s weather, but I’m not going to get any of it done. Instead, I’ll continue to rest and try to feel better as my body fends off this flu. I’m not doing squat for fun out back today. I’ll have to see how tomorrow goes, but I refuse to still be sick tomorrow. This picture of the mint plant proves that the plants think spring is right around the corner.




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