Juicy? Not Yet but Fixin’ to Be!

As you know, I’ve been dying for spring to get here so that the gardening fun can begin. Yesterday I was just dying from the flu, and today I am feeling 100% better thanks to my essential oil veggie cap of melaleuca, lemon, laveder, and oregano that I took.

While feeling cruddy and walking around outside in the sun at lunch time trying to sweat my flu bug away, I stared hard at my roses that are trying to go ahead and start growing. It isn’t spring yet, but it feels like it’s fixin’ to be. Spring is right around the corner. Below is a picture of one of my favorite rose bushes.

You can barely see the green coming alive on the stems. We have been unseasonably warm here in Littleton, Colorado, so our plants are getting a little confused about whether to grow or not to grow. I love the play between the shadows and the light behind the rose bush. Almost like spring beating winter back. There are no¬†juicy signs of life in this photograph. It is all about the potential that needs to be awakened in the bush right now. Like most of us, the bush is waiting for the right time to combine with the right conditions to produce the amazing beauty found within the bush. Unlocking that beauty is what makes gardening magical, and it is totally why I love it so much. It is easy to see God’s great plan for us in a garden where everything happens for a reason.

I find the winter time dull and dreary. You definitely do the work of pruning and weeding. Mainly all of the work is the destruction that has to come before the rebirth of spring. Without the work or the patience, spring would not be anything like what it is. You have to put in the work.

As I walked around, I was able to see little buds that were looking good in the garden. Signs of life are everywhere too early for our place in our snowy season. This weekend will be all about backfilling dirt around the roses to make sure they survive any of the snow we’re sure to get.

Still, these little guys are nice to see. Come on, spring!





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