Shot Who? Where? Did It Kill ‘Em? Translate That!

‘Shot Who? Where? Did it Kill ’em?’ is the phrase that I resort to using when I’m in a transplant situation, and I don’t know what inside phrase is being used, and I need some a translator quick. I think we all forget sometimes that the new person in our midst doesn’t know the groups history and can feel left out when insider terms and phrases are used.

I’ve tried to teach Morgan how to fit in quickly as she has moved from state to state, but I know that sometimes she has found it hard to be the new kid. Especially when the other kids know all of the same stories and laugh in all of the right places. I’ve seen children push her away and deliberately keep her at a distance because she’s not like them.

Since ‘shot who? where? did it kill ’em?’ is a phrase from my past, no one knows what we’re talking about when we use it, and it helps break the ice and helps everyone find common ground faster. It’s a very small way to make someone else feel like the new kid because they have to stop and ask what you’re talking about. It briefly puts them into your shoes.

Every small step continues a greater journey of loving our fellow man, so say hello to someone you normally wouldn’t talk to. Give someone you don’t know a compliment just because. You might never know how badly the other person needs something nice said to them right then. Be a silent hero, and spread some love this weekend.

As for Littleton, we are unseasonably warm again today, so I’m leaving the computer behind to bask in the warmth and put thoughts of snow even further from my mind. Enjoy your day. I’ve posted the pictures that I took last night as we were walking the dogs. Beauty, love and hope need no translation. Enjoy your day, folks!

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