Blurry Tree Bud Blowing in the Wind

I hope you’reĀ  having a great day today, and you’re feeling blessed. We spent about an hour after lunch today just cutting out the last of the dead plants getting ready for spring. Mainly we were outside searching for signs of premature growth because it has been so warm way too soon. Sure enough one of our baby trees has some pretty good buds coming out. It was hard to get an in focus picture of the two top buds because the wind just kept blowing them around.

I’d get one without getting the other. Both are so fuzzy and tiny. It’s sometimes hard to remember that the tallest of trees started out as a short little tree struggling to survive.

This is a little volunteer tree that popped up last year. We don’t even know what type of tree it is. We just welcomed the shade.

It’s funny to think that those blurry dancing buds will grow into leaves and new branches with just a little bit of sunshine and water. This little guy grew about 4 feet last year. I can’t wait to see how well he grows this year.

It was much easier to get individual pictures of the tiny buds. They’re so tiny and still so carefully sculpted because God takes care of even the smallest of details.

May God bless you today! Have a great one.


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