Glitter Nails, Sparkly Tiaras and a Swooshy Dress

Life was more simple when Morgan was younger. Some glittery nails, a shiny tiara and a dress that whooshed around her when she spun around pretty much made her life complete. Looking back it’s easy to see that we wasted a lot of time sweating the small things, and I know now that they no longer matter at all.

Now we have entered the era of boys and hormones, and they bring choices that can affect her entire life. Making good choices about boys seems way more important then choosing to clean her room or go to bed on time. I pray that all of the practice that she’s had making good choices will help her to continue to make them.

Still, I look around society today, and I worry for this next generation coming along. We’ve told ourselves that there are quick fixes to everything for a price. Don’t like your hair? Cut, color, perm it or just cut it off. Not satisfied with your body? Have a tummy tuck, make your boobs bigger or get some botox. Not happy with reality? Pop some pills, drink some booze or smoke some weed. Just alter your reality. Not finding meaning in your life? Hop into your phone, ditch your current spouse or take a vacation.

You can find happiness. It’s out there. You just need to keep searching for it. Blah. Blah. Blah. Lies all lies that we tell ourselves. Happiness isn’t found outside of yourself. It doesn’t come in a pill or come in anything that you can take. Happiness is not something that can be sold to, and beware because the person selling you fake happiness is the person telling you what happiness is.

Happiness is found within. It is hard to love someone when you hate yourself. It’s hard to make good choices when you don’t think you deserve the happiness that good choices brings. Finding happiness is allowing yourself to feel joy, peace and contentment. Being happy is a conscious choice that takes practice. Changing something about your outside appearance may make you temporarily happy, but it will not make you enjoy your own company any more than you already do. You have to allow yourself to experience happiness.

It doesn’t matter how far you run or how quickly you get there; you can’t leave yourself behind. Have we taught Morgan that family and people matter more than things? Does she know, really know, that she is worthy, blessed and sacred? Does she understand that she has a Heavenly father who loves her more than her earthly father? Have we shown her with our deeds how to make a difference in people’s lives? To love her neighbors like she loves herself?

I struggle with looking at people through the eyes of God and loving them no matter what. Have we shown her what love looks like? Have we shown her how not to judge? So many what ifs, and only time will unfold the truth as she makes her choices. I’d like to be sitting here 10 years down the road laughing about my current angst, but sitting back and watching her make her own choices is hard for this control freak. Glittery nail polish seems like a way simpler choice right now.

God bless, and everyone have a great day!

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