A Hammock Hideout on the Beach

Today I tilt at windmills. Today I feel like I’m pursuing dreams that are so big that I will surely fail due to hubris and ego. Today the idea of hiding out in a cozy hideaway sounds refreshing and safe somehow before I tackle Revelation at Bible study. Wanna come, too?

We’ll start by flying ourselves there. Just like a plane, we’ll cruise through the blue sky and smash through a cloud or two on the way. I’ve always wanted to touch a cloud, and today is the day to make that happen. The wind whips around my ears, and there is nothing else but the dominating swoosh of the white noise of the wind. The wind blots everything else out, and I find myself in a solitary cocoon. I purposely imagine that the disturbed air behind me holds my worries and cares and concerns. They’ll be blown away to outer space by that rain cloud that just crept up behind us.

We zoom forward and land on the beach in a tropical location somewhere, anywhere. The sky and the ocean are that same shade of unbelievable clear blue, and the waves crash onto the beach with snow white end caps perfectly formed. Palm trees dot the beach with hammocks strung between a few scattered here and there. A house nestles right on the beach. It has a wrap round porch with ceiling fans goings. There are rockers and tables located under those big, lazy brown fans.

Relaxation awaits us on that porch. I see a forbidden Dr. Pepper in a glass bottle made with real cane sugar sitting on a table waiting for me. As soon as I pour it, there will be condensation on the glass because of the humidity and heat, and the carbonation will tickle my nose just slightly as I suck it down in one gulp before it disappears by the same magic that brought it there.

Waiting right beside the fence are 2 horses, and we will ride down the beach and inhale the smell of sea salt. It’ll stick to our hairs everywhere on our body, and we will feel itchy but refreshed as the salt heals any small scrape.

After we watch the reds and oranges of the sun sink into the ocean, we’ll wander to the kitchen where we’ll find fresh fish and fresh vegetables. Wonderful smells will waft out of that kitchen. We’ll take our plates out to a hammock where we’ll absurdly balance our plates on our laps and scarf down our feast before it slips away. It would be a shame to share our delightful food with the sand.

Then… SCRATCH! BARK! Pepper scratched my arm and ran away barking, and I am back in Littleton, Colorado no longer smelling my scrumptious dinner and the sea. Sigh. I’ll have to settle for grilled chicken plus a half of an avocado for lunch instead, but thank you for indulging my ‘squirrel’ moment.

My prayer for today is that the Lord will heal everyone who needs a hideout and bring them peace. Be someone’s miracle, and give them a smile and a kind word. Have a blessed day, folks!


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