A Good Match of a Face in a Rock and a Face in the Clouds

I went for a walk today at Harriman Park and had a blast. I found several faces in nature while at the park that I thought were good matches for the weekly photo challenge of a good match. This guy is a close up of a rock that I thought had a nice mixture of pink and grey rock melded together.

Once I snapped the shot and looked at it, it looked like a face with a mask on over the nose to the right and the eye to the left. I snapped a shot zoomed further out because I thought it was easier to see the face with the shadow below the nose and the hint of lip down below it.

I found a good match with a face in the clouds wearing a top hat. The eyes are at the top left of the screen with a sky bandana across the nose. A sky pirate with a small parrot above his shoulder to the right. Argh, mateys!

Not to be outdone I then found a giant snake’s head with a beady eye staring at me. The fangs are over to the right and some little field mouse is about to get swallowed. Run, mouse, run!

Here’s a picture of the other side of the snake. It’s not so easy to see the snake from this angle. Can you see the bird’s nest above it though?

I would hate to be the baby birds that fell out of that nest!!

All in all, it is always a good match when I can be outdoors in nice warm weather before the snow returns tomorrow. I hope you like the picture below. I love how the pink swirls with the white rock.

I really liked the contrast between the pink and white rock surrounded by the grey rock.

What would a walk near the Front Range be without at least one shot of it? I love the fallen log in the foreground.

Here are some pictures of the lake, too. I wanted to highlight the rocks on the side of the lake.

The wind was blowing so fiercely that the lake was really choppy.

I liked how brittle these left over seed pods looked. Everything is simply waiting for Spring.

This fallen tree looked so fierce with its quills sticking out.

What an awesome lunch time walk. Thanks for joining me!


Weekly Photo Challenge a Good Match



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