The Cushion Returns – But Where’s that Dang Mattress?

Ah ha! Remember the ugly cushion and that pesky mattress from Tuesday? We have one mystery solved. The boys returned the cushion to the chair yesterday. I imagine that their mom made them return it because no one would want a chair with no cushion, and the practical solution would be to the return the cushion.

‘But, Mom, there was a sign that said Free on it!’ would be the whiny, slurred response in unison from the brothers. Mom would simply raise her arm and point back up the street where the forlorn chair sits with a stern expression on her face that masks her desire to laugh. If she laughs, the protests will explode and be never ending. She probably bolted back into her house quickly, so the door could muffle her laughter while her little guys figured out how to return the cushion.

It was tough work for the younger one. He needed to rest on the way. It was highly convenient that he had a cushion with him to flop down onto. Nothing better than a cushion on a day in February that is 70 degrees. Fine, maybe a hammock would be better but way harder to carry.

They’ve made it about half way from their house back to the home of the mattress. Never fear though. Big Bro Bro returned to check out what Little Bro Bro was doing. He was the advance scouting party on his bike on the lookout for any loose dogs who might want to mark their territory on the cushion.

Big Bro Bro took pity on his Little Bro Bro and gave him the bike to ride while he dragged the cushion along for a little while. When they switched places, I realized there was a yellow sled under the cushion, and they had a tie down of some sort that looked like a belt on the cushion to help drag it along. I’m kind of surprised that they weren’t dragging it with the bike while one rode on the cushion sled, and I wonder if they tried that before they stopped across the street.

The cushion was back on the chair totally askew when we passed by on our walk last evening. I laughed so hard trying to tell Andy the story that I slurred several of my words together. I just couldn’t quit laughing long enough to finish.

The little guys were quite entertained with the cushion for 2 afternoons, so it seems like a mom win to me. Someone else’s furniture got dirty while they dragged it around outside having a great time. Then Mom made them return it, so it didn’t junk up the yard, garage or their house. No fuss. No mess. No worries. Definite mom win for sure.

Still, wouldn’t Mom have flipped out more about the bigger full size bright blue mattress? It seems like it would be a lot harder to hide that from Mom’s view than a cushion 1/3 of the size. It has to be somewhere. Is it waiting on Dad to return it because Mom thinks it’s too heavy for the boys? Is it hidden at a friend’s house, and Mom hasn’t even seen it yet? Did I just not see it in a ditch in the green space? All of these questions, and no concrete answers. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled. We’re getting snow today, and a bright blue mattress should be easy to spot since we’re only expecting an inch or so. Where is that dang mattress?!? It can’t hide forever.



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