Which Baby to choose? Ugh for Decisions!

After a 5 week holiday, winter has returned. Our light dusting from yesterday turned out to be a forecasting fail. Just in time to really mess up rush hour, we got about an inch in just one hour, and it just kept falling after that. I think we ended up with 3″ here in Littleton, and other places got 5″. For about an hour you couldn’t even see across the street because the wind was blowing, and they closed I70 at Morrison. The timing was a total pain because the roads flash froze when the temperature dropped. A lot of the initial snow that fell melted fast, so there was a lot of moisture on the roads when it did freeze which made an icy mess around 5 or so.

I went for a late walk after lunch yesterday, and I got a great picture of the sidewalk with the snow just starting to stick. It was around 3 at that point, and it was still just melting away leaving behind a slushy, wet mess on the roads that froze when the sun went down.

Ok. It’s time to focus. The daily writing prompt is baby, and I don’t know who to post a picture of today. Should I post a picture of Andy Baby? Yes, that’s his name in my phone. Should I post a picture of my baby Morgan? She’s almost a teenager, and she’s leaving childhood behind at light speed, so she’s only a baby in my mind. Or, should I just give up and post a picture of my baby boys? You can see why I was procrastinating with my trivial talk of the weather. Anything to produce a good idea that I can write about today.

Andy just celebrated his birthday last week, and we had a blast going out to dinner as a family to a new restaurant. I snapped a picture before we went into a meat food coma at Texas de Brazil, a Brazilian steak house. Andy is such a great father, and he and Morgan have a close relationship. I love seeing my babies hanging together.

The boys are also my babies. Who knew that such neurotic chihuahuas could worm their way into your heart so far? It’s kind of funny for someone who was not a little dog person. I guess there really is no accounting for taste. I love it when Morgan cuddles with the puppies, and I can get a good picture. I have a lot of really blurred pictures of all three of them. They’re all in constant motion, but here is Coley Bear just snuggling with Morgan getting some epic love.

Morgan and I are busy working on finding our path with each other right now. She’s trying to find her way and make her own adult decisions, and I’m trying to sit on my hands and let her. My baby is just not so much of a baby anymore, and I’m not sure when that happened. It seems like it was just a blink away that she was taking naps and wearing princess dresses.

My conditional black belt is determined and focused, but the next picture helps me keep my sense of humor. I snapped this picture during a break during her test to get her conditional black belt. The test lasts 2 days for four hour-ish per day. The caption above her head is ‘Mom! Really?!? I’m all nasty and sweaty, and I need water not a pic!’

I imagine I’ll be seeing that ‘Mom, you’re so crazy’ expression a lot from my baby for the next few years, and the teenage years don’t officially start until this April. I’m laughing going into this period, and I just pray I’m still laughing when we emerge on the other side. Maybe I could borrow her pads for the upcoming bumps and bruises.

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