Lava Cake, Angel Food Cake or Day Old Yucky Hard Cake?

Today’s prompt of center seems appropriate today. I’m just having one of those days where it feels hard, almost impossible, to be courageous. The drum of doubt seems very loud and sucks my heartbeat for its own rhythm. Do you ever have those days? Days where it seems like your goal is far away and might just be a will of the wisp that you’re chasing? Days where everything you touch blows up in your face from the coffeepot to your car motor?

On the days when I feel doubts and fears creep in between me and my dreams, I have to stop, pray and find my center of emotional balance. Thinking about it today has made my thoughts turn to the forbidden fruit of dessert because of course my center looks like food in my mind. Today my center feels like a day old cake left out overnight on the counter without being covered. There could possibly be some good flavor there if you’re desperate enough to break a tooth by taking a bite. This dessert only looks good if you’re stuck in the middle of the Sahara desert. It doesn’t matter what flavor of cake we’re talking about here either. It might look good, but it no longer tastes good.

Being positive and looking at the bright side of life takes time and practice. Happiness is sometimes more of a state of mind than a goal that you accomplish. On the days where I’m just cruising through life by grabbing it by the tail, I imagine that my center is like an angel food cake. Light and fluffy enough to spread joy to other people and to myself. These are the days that I have a constant smile on my face because negative thoughts just bounce off of that slightly spongy texture. On these days, I make progress and get tasks accomplished. I’m in too much motion for doubts to keep up. They’ve dropped by the wayside.

There is a third state that I like my center to be in. I’m achieving it more and more, but it takes the most practice. There are days where I’m a molten lava cake. Days where my drive and passion burn so bright that there is a surprise layer of gooey delightful goodness with every bite. Days where I feel like I am impacting people’s lives and making a real difference. Days where I’m spreading positive love and showing people what Jesus’ love looks like in a practical way. These are the days where my molten fire inspires other people to dream big and to go for it.

Silly to view my center as a series of cakes, I know. What does your center look like? What would you like your center to look like?

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