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I started this post before walking to my Bible study on Revelation, and I confess that I’ve deleted the whole thing and started over. You would have never known that if I hadn’t confessed it to you, but I figured that you should know.

Revelation is a hard book to work your way through. It has all of this apocalyptic imagery, and it’s filled with a lot of death and destruction. Most people have heard of the four horsemen of the apocalypse which starts the first chapters out with war killing 25% of the world’s population. I’ve never personally witnessed a disaster scenario that kills one in four people. 1 in 4, think about that. What would your neighborhood look like if 1 out of every 4 people just disappeared never to return again? What does your own house look like? How angry, hurt and grieving is the world after that happens?

Those 25% are ironically lucky because it just gets worse from there. An asteroid hits. An earthquake flattens the entire earth. Plagues circle the globe. 1/3 of every plant and animal dies, and 1/3 of the rivers and seas are polluted. Revelation is every disaster movie ever filmed rolled into a seven year period, and Jesus comes back at the end of this age and sets his kingdom here up on earth before moving it to Heaven.

It’s hard to reconcile all of this death and destruction with a loving God, but he uses all of these disasters to highlight the choice between good and evil. At the end of the tribulation period, no one can say that there is no God or no Satan, and no one can say that they didn’t know. Though Christians will pray to have the period quickened, nothing will happen until God’s due time.

In the midst of all of this chaos, 2 witnesses appear to explain to people what is going on, and they warn people for 1,260 days about what is going on. I immediately think of the signs that I used to see as a kid nailed really high in trees that said, The End is Near! Repent! They are hated, and people throw a party when they are finally killed.

Still, they stood and proclaimed the truth for 3.5 years no matter what was going on. They never wavered and faithfully performed their task until the prophesied time of their deaths arrive. They were faithful witnesses.

Am I a faithful witness? It’s hard to tell people about Jesus. I like to find the exact right words and have all of the answers, but I don’t. I’ve found that telling people that Jesus loves them takes practice. At first I did sound like the weirdo standing on the street corner yelling at people to repent because you never know when the world is going to end. People look at you like you are already judging them as soon as you say the name Jesus.

Carpe Diem should apply to all of us. Seize this day because you personally might not be here tomorrow. If you get hit by a bus, the apocalypse becomes meaningless to you. You had to act before the bus hits, and you never know when the bus is coming. We don’t need a fancy apocalypse to end our personal worlds. Every day woes afflict people all of the time.

Just so you know today, love came to earth as Jesus, the Son of God in a man’s body. He loved us all enough to die for us. Everyone on the planet who believes in Jesus can be saved because He laid down His life for us. Jesus was a rebel by loving on the poor and the people on the fringes of society, so go be love. Volunteer, help someone out or just lend an ear.

Who would you be if you knew the world was going to end soon? What would you accomplish? How courageous would you be? What would you allow to stop you? How strongly would you witness? What would you fear?

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Live in the moment. Don’t waste another second. Dance like no one is watching. There are a ton of sayings that tell you to grab life by the tail. To stop waiting and to live. I say be a rebel and show radical love to all of your fellow man. We’re all on this planet together until we’re not.

Have a blessed day!


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