The Road Taken – Weekly Photo Challenge

For today’s Wednesday walk, I ended up at Bear Creek Reservoir. When I parked, I found a mirror laying on the side of the road. I liked the cloud reflected in it even though it is really dirty. I’m not sure why it was abandoned on the side of the road. I parked on the side of a road that goes nowhere. It lasts for about 200 feet on either side of a roundabout.

I could see Red Rocks in the distance walking up Simms Street to enter the park. Technically, I was in Lakewood, but it is unincorporated Jefferson county way closer to Morrison. You can see the Red Rocks ampitheatre in the distance. I’m standing near an exit ramp off of 285.

I liked the rock pile in the foreground with the giant rocks behind it. It was just sitting there at the trail head. I guess winter has sidetracked whatever project was going on. It simply looked abandoned.

Winter still has us in a vice grip, but I did find this weird little plant. It looked like a fuzzy cabbage, and I’m sure that it is some kind of little weed. I saw several of them growing right along the path.

A closeup of the fuzzy plant because it was cute in a veiny, vegetable kind of way. It had great texture.

Luckily I didn’t see any of these critters. I’m not sure how big coyotes get here in Colorado. They can top 75 pounds in Georgia, so I’m glad that they were somewhere else.

I didn’t choose the path to nowhere either. It’s definitely the road less taken. It would be a quick journey of 25 steps.

I was totally not expecting this row of elevation markers. We’re higher than the Mile High City out here in the western suburbs.

I liked the view of the houses nestled in the foothills with the lake and the cracked road. I wish my iPhone camera would see what my eyes see sometimes. Colorado is made up of epic beauty.

I liked the blue of the water sign set against the snowy ridge line with the lighter blue of the sky.

I was trying to get a good shot of the geese in the water with what looks like a bird cloud in the sky above Green Mountain that is also reflected in the lake. It was a beautifully sunny winter day. Thanks for walking with me. Have a blessed day!


Weekly Photo Challenge – The Road Taken




  1. happyface313 | 1st Mar 17

    🙂 What a fun trip! And the fuzzy plant really is amazing.
    Have a very HAPPY week 🙂

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