Covet – Desire – Lust Over – Delicious Dessert

Truly, I do enjoy our new healthy lifestyle. I have a lot more energy, and organic food tastes better. We’re taking daily walks, and we haven’t been eating a lot of carbohydrates like bread, lovely lovely bread. We’ve discovered that we like salmon, and Morgan doesn’t really care for fish even though she’s tried it several times now.

A healthy lifestyle is not a diet, so we’reĀ  not going to wake up and not be eating this way one day. I’ve gotten the hang of baking everything, and making it low in fat and high in protein. We’re eating some really good tasting food. I love buffalo chili and buffalo burgers. Buffalo is an awesome tasting lean meat.

Still, when I’ve worked hard, I start missing dessert. Ah, dessert, that empty calorie, not really good for anything, it just makes you happy dessert.

I miss dessert. Morgan had her progress test last Saturday for karate, and we ended up at Arby’s for a jamocha shake for her. In honor of St. Patrick’s day, they had a chocolate mint shake made with Ande’s candies sprinkled on top. Andy and I did not indulge and get one, but I did take a picture of it before she ate it.

I’m allowed the guilty pleasure of eye candy even if I can’t eat it. I desire this stupid milkshake! The green doesn’t even look natural, but I still think I could choke it down. I love Ande’s candies, but I’m not a big chocolate mint ice cream gal. Still, I’ve missed so many desserts in the last three months that I think I could eat chocolate swirls and all in there.

I keep telling myself that nothing tastes as good as thin feels, and I’m finally over another plateau, so I’m losing weight again. I don’t want to cheat and have more calories in a dessert than in a low calorie sensible dinner. It still looks really, really good. How many miles do I have to walk in one day to burn off that sugary goodness?

Andy showed up yesterday at lunch with addictive Girl Scout cookies. I don’t know how I’m going to keep resisting those. I don’t care about the Thin Mints, but I do love those Do-Si-Dos. Why does evil sometimes look so good?

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