Parlay You Frenchy? WHAT?!? Cee’s Which Way Weekly Challenge – March 3, 2017

I had this really clever blog post for parlay, but I traded it for a 7 mile hike on the Mount Carbon trail at Bear Creek Park with the family today. Really, when I think of the world parlay, I remember my late father being a goober and trying to be funny on how he said can you speak French.

Anyway, we’ve had an excellent day of hiking and a little bit too much sun. Here is our photo journey. I found a lot of roads to nowhere that we tried not to take.

Started the day off with that same abandoned mirror. I got a picture of myself taking a picture because it made me laugh.

We left our car in a roundabout that goes absolutely nowhere. Yep, big waste of tax payer dollars featured below.

Our intrepid Subaru is parked ready and waiting to go.

Fine, I know the sign below is really for the drivers going across the bridge, but what a way to start a hike that we’ve never been on before.

Just finding paths to nowhere everywhere. You can’t turn any kind of vehicle around in that. Maybe an ant parade.

Now here’s a road to nowhere that is a good turn around. I just could not hold the dogs and keep my shadow out of this picture.

I just liked this view of the path set against the winter yellows.

We’re about 2 miles into the hike when we came across this water fall with these seemingly random rocks hanging around it.

Same scenario but here we have a picture of Andy just trudging along with his backpack that holds all of our water bottles.

I liked my shadow hanging out with the black chihuahuas. You can’t even see the boys really. They did an awesome j0b trekking through this seven mile hike. They loved finding all of the horsey pooh and coyote scat along the trail. The best part of their day was meeting actual horses for the first time. I have no pictures of that because I was busy with the leashes. All in all, a great day finding concrete paths to nowhere and dirt paths that worked just fine. Have a blessed day all!



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