A Snow Swarm

I’ve learned a lot about snow since moving to Colorado. We started our day out this morning with 30+ mph winds,  and snow just swirling and swarming around. I’ve seen the wind come through and blow snow off of roofs before, and it is an awesome sight. This morning is the first time that I’ve ever seen snow swirl like that where it looked like what I would imagine snow blowing in a blizzard looks like. Only a light dusting fell, and it was melted before you could blink. All in all, it was another lesson on snow behavior.

I’ve been feeling like that snow all day today just blowing this way or that, but not really able to concentrate and get anything done. It was in the 60s yesterday, and it will be 70 on Wednesday. This cold snap will only last about a day before it warms up again. The little plants in the yard are already trying to grow.

These little plants don’t care what season we’re in. They’re bravely peeking their heads up and out of the dirt looking for sunlight. Early season daffodils and lilies will soon be blooming in time for Easter Sunday. These little guys are hardy and will survive any new snow that falls and sticks. I’m sure that any minute now snow will happen just like it’s supposed to at this time of the year, but I’ve stopped holding my breath waiting on it. Switching from El Nino to La Nina weather has us way warmer than normal.

Ideas have been swarming around inside my head like busy little bees all day today, and I haven’t been able to really concentrate and follow through on any of them. Every time I’ve stepped outside I’ve felt like I was going to blow away, and I’ve been picking up blowing trash wherever I’ve gone. How can so much trash be blowing around when it’s not even trash day? Then I remember that other neighborhoods have different trash collection day. I’ve run over several shifty bags trying to escape from my Subaru. Several bags were pierced by tree branches and just flapping in the wind.

Some days you feel like the tree, and some days you feel like the flapping bag. Today was a flapping bag kind of day today for me. How was your day?


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