Throwback Thursday – Nervously Looking for the Owner

Morgan and I snapped this picture this weekend. We both loved the car, and she claimed it as her own even as she nervously looked around for the real owner. She was a little worried about the reaction. Beautiful girl with a beautiful car.

I think we need to stop feeding her so well. She’s almost as tall as I am now. Time to stretch myself upon a rack I suppose. I wonder how much taller I can get?

Updating this post because it is Throwback Thursday, and I heard what sounded like our momma bird from the front porch. Twice a year, we have birds which nest on the front porch light and have baby birds. It’s amazing how loud birds are. Any time momma bird sees anyone walking a dog or walking on the sidewalk she’ll chatter at them until they move along. This happens a lot as people walk their dogs in the evening after work.

It looks like momma bird has been adding to the materials in the nest, but it’s been a while since I’ve looked up there. Maybe I’m imagining it that the nest seems bigger and more complete now. Momma bird will chatter at us from our Charlie Brown pine tree as we come and go from the garage.

I wish I could tell the subtle nuances of bird’s calls apart from each other. Was it our momma bird? What if she doesn’t come back this year? We think that the stray neighborhood cat got to the baby birds last year, and I’ve been nervous and worried that they wouldn’t be back this year. What if the discarded kitty got momma bird, too?

What a great tease that spring is right around the corner though. Even if the only sign is the singing birds that are calling to each other from tree to tree. We’ve had 19″ of snow instead of 40″ of snow so far this winter. We’ve already had several wild fires along with our really high winds this month. I can’t imagine the summer months if it continues to be so dry. I hope I hear little baby birds singing while we’re cruising through our summer.

Have a blessed day!


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