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Daily Archives: March 10, 2017

Wishing on a Wednesday Walk

Sometimes, the obstacles that we find in our way seem like they last forever because we’re walking too closely to them to see the end. I wish that everyone who is trudging along feeling like there is no end in sight realizes that all things pass when they’re supposed to fall away. I kept wishing to get a good picture of this little chapel, but the fence on the little bridge…


Abstract Pictures from a Blurry Week

The more I look for pictures to post to my blog the more I find myself seeing extraordinary pictures in ordinary things. If the goal is to enjoy the smaller things in life because life is made up of small moments, I’m getting better at seizing those moments to squeeze all of the joy out of life that I can get. This week my eye has seen a series of random and abstract…

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Letters C or D

This is my first time playing around with a black and white challenge. I snapped these pics while walking at lunch time. I liked how the cloud was just perfectly formed above the house just suspended in mid-air, and I also liked the way the cloud just seems to be floating in front of the clouds in the background. The front range is a great cloud factory, so I happily get a lot of…