Abstract Pictures from a Blurry Week

The more I look for pictures to post to my blog the more I find myself seeing extraordinary pictures in ordinary things. If the goal is to enjoy the smaller things in life because life is made up of small moments, I’m getting better at seizing those moments to squeeze all of the joy out of life that I can get.

This week my eye has seen a series of random and abstract artifacts that have claimed my attention in bits and pieces here and there. These pictures don’t really belong anywhere specific. I just liked them, and I find them all to be very abstract.

This very modern house is slowly being constructed, and the modern lines distract my eye when I scan the horizon. The house next to it looks like a creme colored shoe box shoved into the ground. It always makes me think of a doctor or dentist office, very cold and modern. I hope the wood on this one softens its features more than its neighboring house.

Andy airdropped this sneak attack picture of me taking a picture to me last night. I was teetering so bad on semi-soggy ground from melting snow.

I was too busy getting a shot of a sea serpent hiding in this little pond to notice what he was doing to amuse himself. The sunbeam is hitting the serpent’s head as he sneaks a peak around his pond.

Speaking of more random shots, this picture is of the sun peeking out from behind clouds. It looks like a rock to the right and an angel standing on top of the rock outlined in a rainbow. I love catching that rainbow effect in snow clouds in the winter time, and it’s been so warm this year that it has been rare.

While hiking, we sometimes run across these stone columns that other hikers have built and probably photographed. It’s gotten so popular that hikers have been asked not to do it because it disturbs the environment even if nothing is taken. This example is hiding out in a nearby neighborhood. I spotted it on one of our evening walks. It’s just hanging out at the edge of someone’s yard. That bottom rock looks pretty heavy, so I wonder when they stacked these up. Was there a barbecue out back with the kids playing in the front yard?

Here is a picture of Cole Bear contemplating how he can get more treats to fall his way. He’s thinking about it very intently. He’s shooting mind control beams out of those eyes. All of his chihuahua charm is being focused to bend us humans to his will.

His plan backfired a little. It just needs a few tweaks. He did get a human food bowl, but it was empty, and Andy just crowned him king of the chair with it. Cole Bear will have to conquer treatdom next time. He did get a people bowl and that puts him one small step closer to world domination.

Thanks for looking at my randomly abstract pics! I hope you enjoyed. Come back soon!


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