Wishing on a Wednesday Walk

Sometimes, the obstacles that we find in our way seem like they last forever because we’re walking too closely to them to see the end. I wish that everyone who is trudging along feeling like there is no end in sight realizes that all things pass when they’re supposed to fall away.

I kept wishing to get a good picture of this little chapel, but the fence on the little bridge that I had to walk over kept getting in the way. I didn’t even know that the chapel existed. I’ve never seen it from the other side that I normally drive on. It’s tucked back off of the road kind of blocked by a funeral home. I liked the blurred edges of the fence taking up space in the corner of the shot. Sometimes it takes time for our dreams and wishes to come true. We just have to keep grinding along to get what we want.

I was walking along a bike path, and this is the view across the highway. On one side we have civilization where the bike path runs. On the other side of the highway runs the ridge line. If it hadn’t been for the loud and smelly cars on the highway, this would have been a pretty walk. At least it was nice and windy which helped with the smell but not the thundering noise.

Another view of the ridge line. I loved how the blue sky contrasted with the white puffy clouds and the clouds that looked like they had been combed in the sky. I wish the power line hadn’t been hanging out in the picture ruining the view, but there is a price to pay for modern conveniences. You can’t see the road cutting between the two ridges, but it is hidden down there blocked from our view.

Here is my favorite picture from this walk. I love how the bike path is parallel to the road right here as the view stretches out across the valley. We’re all traveling along trying to fulfill our hopes and dreams. Even though the cars are traveling faster than I am walking, I feel like I’m getting to my destination faster. I wish that everyone else makes it to theirs.

Have a blessed day, and thanks for stopping by!



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