The Record of Time Past

It used to be harder to record the passing of time. Before cameras were invented, we only had painted portraits to give us an idea of what our ancestors looked like, and really you only had portraits if your family was well off enough to afford it. Most of us have no idea what our ancestors looked like. Nowadays we can all record our lives with our smart phones that go everywhere with us. We have awesome computing power in the palms of our hands. How lucky is that?

We did another 8 mile hike on Saturday at Bear Creek Reservoir. It’s so convenient being 3 miles from the house. With the weather getting warmer, we’ll be hiking every weekend that we can get away. This is a great Jeffco green space to use to get ready for longer hikes. It has picnic areas, a boat ramp and some glorified porta-potties sprinkled here and there.

It was supposed to be overcast until about 2 on Saturday, but the clouds burned away around 5. Ha! It stayed grey and overcast, and taking pictures in black and white seemed appropriate for the day. I’ve never really played around with black and white shots before, so these were really just for practice. Here’s a shot with Denver hanging out in the background.

A solitary figure walks along with Denver as the backdrop in this shot. This hiker hurried past our motley crew as I was trying to get a nice pic of the skyline. It almost looks like he’s about to hike through the wilderness to make it to downtown. In true Colorado fashion, he’s just cruising along like he’s got no cares in the world.

Some moss on a rock where I was trying to capture the textures of the moss. I don’t think that I was zoomed in tightly enough on this top shot. The intricate curls on the moss just don’t show up very well which is my fault and not the moss’ fault.

This moss below looks almost like an alien world. I like this shot with the circles being so well defined in the middle of the frame. I imagine aliens with little tentacles.

Taking pictures in black and white makes the clouds seem more ominous, and the entire scene seems more pensive than the actual occasion was. We were laughing and having a good time, but every shot seems serious as I post it here. What a different perspective the shots record than what I have from being there.

Daddy, daughter and dogs moment. It really doesn’t get much better than that. This picture is a nice shot of the two of them together. They’re actually chattering away right at that moment. I may not remember what they were talking about just then, but I do have the proof that the moment happened.

Here’s a little 3 foot cascading waterfall. There’s  a small branch that runs through the park and of course the reservoir is there as well with the boat ramp and the fishing nooks.

We started our hike a little late and took our lunch with us that we ate as a late picnic, so we were leaving the area closer to dusk than I would have liked. We heard coyotes howling in the distance between us and where we had parked our car. I had been a little in front with the boys, so I waited for Andy and Morgan to catch up. We rounded the curve at the top of the hill, and we saw a coyote briefly in the distance. He crossed the path and disappeared. It was a great family day.

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  1. Train Today to Reap Tomorrow | 13th Mar 17

    So true and loved the D3 moments Daddy, Daughter, and Dogs

  2. lupa08 | 15th Mar 17

    Blech! The moss was kind of gross. Very well captured.

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