The Healthy Advantage of Fruits and Veggies

We have all noticed changes since we started trying to be more healthy. Slow changes but positive changes all the same. It took about six months before we really started noticing the positive effects of not smoking. It definitely took that long before our metabolisms started to correct themselves. When you smoke, you don’t use all of the food that you consume, so you can eat the exact same amount and gain weight. It’s like the cigarettes are making a last ditch effort to keep you hostage.

I’ve done a lot of research into which foods are best for you and how much to eat, and a lot of the information that I’ve immersed myself into has shocked me, or perhaps my willful ignorance up until this point has shocked me. I’m learning about a lot of different stuff, most of it I wish I didn’t know now.

Let’s delve into organic versus nor-organic vegetables and fruits. I’ve seen organic food for years while making fun of the people who bought food that was 2-3 times more expensive than normal food just. I wondered why. Aren’t all plants organic? Why should I spend my hard earned money for the label of organic? Is organic food just a fad? What do all of these labels mean anyway? Is organic better than non-GMO? Why are there so many different labels? Ahhhhhh!

Organic food has more vitamins and nutrients than genetically modified, GMO, or regular food. Hybridized vegetables and fruit don’t seem to be as hardy as veggies and fruit grown from heirloom seeds, and genetically modified fruits and veggies seem to burn out. There seem to be complications at the 5 to 7 year mark where the plants become susceptible to bugs or disease. It reminds me of the health problems that you see in purebred dogs. We’ve narrowed the gene pool so much that we’ve magnified infrequent problems and made them frequent serious issues. We’ve tried to improve upon God’s great design, and we’ve messed things up a bit. We’ve made a copy of a copy, and we all know that that doesn’t work very well. Your crisp image just turns out all blurry.

In our quest to ditch as much processed food as possible, I’ve figured out that I really don’t care if the research says that organic food may or may not be better for us. Organic now means to me that there are no pesticides on my food anymore. The experts can dither about how much better organic food is for us. Are there 5% or 10% more nutrients and vitamins? I don’t really care because I’m much more interested in ditching all of the chemicals. Extra chemicals should not be hiding out in my food especially in my fresh fruits or vegetables. My 12 year old does not need to filter extra chemicals out of her body especially when some of them hang out and do damage as they accumulate. Non-organic veggies and fruits soak up the pesticides that are sprayed on them. We have to filter those poisons out of our body when we eat food that is supposed to be good for us.

Organic means pesticide free, and I love knowing that my veggies and fruits aren’t secretly poisoning me. An organic label on eggs means that the chickens have not been fed antibiotics, hormones or other chickens. We’ve tried a lot of organic vegetables and fruits lately because Costco makes it easy to buy them. I can pick them up either fresh or frozen for cheaper than what I can get non-organic produce at my local grocery store. I’m loving making high protein, high fiber meals that I can freeze and take out as ‘fast’ food. I love how many more vegetables we are eating with our meals, and I love our fruit smoothie with flax seed in the mornings.

We’ve even just tried chia seeds this week. It really has no flavor when you soak it in water. I never would have said that a year ago we’d be having flax or chia seeds in anything. A year ago we were still eating way too much red meat, and we weren’t nearly as healthy as we are today. I didn’t know what chia seeds even were.

Do you want to know what the best part of organic produce is? Surprise! Organic food tastes better. It makes everything that I cook taste better which makes me look like a rockstar. It reminds me of the farmers market produce that we bought when I was a kid because it saved us money. I’m very happy that my quest to use fresh ingredients in every meal has led me to organic produce. We’re planting the seeds of a healthy tomorrow by eating right today.

Have a blessed day, everybody! Thanks for stopping by!

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