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Daily Archives: March 16, 2017

Atop the Dam and Licking Instincts – Weekly Photo Challenge

Hiya, y’all! I hope that today finds you in good health and feeling awesome. I take a lot of pictures from an overhead view, so feeling like I’m atop of the world is relatively easy. Just taking the picture makes me happy even if the subject rebels, and the picture looks totally different from what I saw in my mind. Here is a shot looking down on Denver. It’s…


Massive Sea Monsters and Pain

It has definitely turned out to be one of those weeks when I feel like my body is betraying me, but really I’m betraying my body. Andy and I did a 30 day cleanse, and the burning rash on my hands actually cleared up and went away. We took prebiotics, GX Assist by DoTerra, for 10 days followed by probiotics, PB Assist by DoTerra, for 10 days. The first 10 days were other…