Atop the Dam and Licking Instincts – Weekly Photo Challenge

Hiya, y’all! I hope that today finds you in good health and feeling awesome. I take a lot of pictures from an overhead view, so feeling like I’m atop of the world is relatively easy. Just taking the picture makes me happy even if the subject rebels, and the picture looks totally different from what I saw in my mind.

Here is a shot looking down on Denver. It’s about 600 feet lower in elevation than we are. I was trying to get the shiny sunny reflection off of the building. The shot kind of works. At least the sky sneaking towards sunset is pretty.

I was searching through the backyard for signs of life when I took these pictures. The shot below is a burnt piece of wood, a left over from the fire pit. I loved how you could still see the rings in the wood.

I found signs of life stirring here and there. These leaves are just beginning to form on my miniature yellow rose bush. None of the other bushes have leaves yet, but they are turning greener. I watered everything since we’ll be so warm for another week. All of our trees and bushes have tiny buds growing. I worry about a late frost hitting all of this small growth.

What was just a little bit of green last week has sprouted small flowers this week. Last year’s Easter flowers are appearing.

Below are miniature daffodils. They’re definitely a bright start to the growing season. I had fun with these shots while I was trying to avoid the sun.

These blooms are about one inch high and an inch and a half wide. These closeup shots make them look so much bigger than they are.

Here are the pics from before I watered the plants. I enjoy how a closeup shot changes your perspective about the entire scene. The daffodil looks like a much richer yellow color when you get this close.

The flower looks less yellow here, and the petals in the back look more green and vein filled than they looked in person.

Here are the boys looking up and begging hard core for my piece of pork jerky. They came out of nowhere. Coley Bear is sitting there licking his lips instinctively. I wonder how good my jerky smells from their perspective.

Thanks for feeling like you’re on top of the world with me!

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