Massive Sea Monsters and Pain

It has definitely turned out to be one of those weeks when I feel like my body is betraying me, but really I’m betraying my body. Andy and I did a 30 day cleanse, and the burning rash on my hands actually cleared up and went away. We took prebiotics, GX Assist by DoTerra, for 10 days followed by probiotics, PB Assist by DoTerra, for 10 days. The first 10 days were other cleansers like zendocrine and terrazyme. It worked great. The rash on both of my hands almost cleared up on both hands. The only bad spot left behind was on my index finger on my right hand.

We’ve been off the cleanse for about a month now, and I’ve been steadily losing weight because we have rearranged our diets. So, I’ve eaten too much bread for the past week or so because I love bread, and I wanted it. A chicken salad sandwich on our 8 mile hike last Saturday seemed like it would be ok. It was the low calorie bread option. Gluten doesn’t always make me gaseous, bloated and miserable. I have less problems with freshly baked bread then I do with a loaf of bread that you buy off of the shelf. There are different levels of poisonous pesticides in wheat harvests. Some farmers spray their wheat with roundup which makes the wheat go to seed, so they harvest more and seed their fields at the same time. Wheat harvested in the summer contains more toxins than wheat harvested in the winter time. Who knew our wheat was poisoned?!?

I woke up yesterday with my index finger on my right hand broken and bloody from the rash which acts more like a burn than anything else. It hurts to squeeze my hand, and I have pain from my hand to my shoulder. It feels like it’s inflamed and swollen on the inside of my body, like I’ve been stung by a bee.

I felt so defeated yesterday morning because how could I be back to the same spot that I was at before I did the cleanse? Irritating!! I took PB Assist yesterday to encourage good bacteria to grow in my gut, and I did a bomb of oregano, melaleuca, lemon and lavender DoTerra essential oils in a veggie cap. I did 2 drops of each oil except for lemon which I did 4 drops of because lemon eliminates toxins out of your body. Oregano is a powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial oil, so maybe I should do PB Assist twice a day because oregano will wipe the good bacteria out of my gut just like a prescribed antibiotic will. This is the bomb that you would use against the flu or a sinus infection.

I woke up this morning with pain only from my hand to my elbow, and it’s all itchy inside just like a healing bug bite would be. I’m going to continue with my essential oil bomb and the probiotics for a week.

However, I’m massively angry that I’m allergic to the additives (poisons) that are added to my food to keep fresh. Why doesn’t our news outlets report about this instead of Hollywood celebrities? The more I research our food supply the more I become convinced that we’re giving ourselves things like irritable bowel syndrome, candida, lupus and autism based on the foods that we eat. I hear the reports where millennials have 4xs the amount of colon cancer than any other segment, even senior citizens, of the population because of their diet, and I know it. Ditch your processed foods, and live longer.

Where are the massive sea monsters, you ask? They’ve been hiding out in plain sight all along. Here’s a photo of a sea monster atop the Hogback Ridge. His head is pointing off to the right. Can you see him?

I found this killer octopus hanging out in my garden. I had no idea that he was even out there! Ahoy, mateys! Colorado did used to be at the bottom of a sea. Here’s a little left over blast from the past.

I hope you have a blessed day! Thanks for stopping by and listening to me ramble.

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