Label This Too Cute 80s Hair Band Dog

How often do I find myself labeling people? This is the question that today’s daily prompt pops into my head. I’ve had one of those butt kicking days where I think everyone I met this afternoon labeled me stupid and rightly so. I feel betrayed by my technology. How dare Google Maps not get me to the right spot? It was frustrating for all of us. I hate being lost in a construction zone miles away from where I’m actually supposed to be. I rely on my phone entirely too much to get me everywhere. When it sends me 4 miles away from where I’m supposed to be, it just makes me want to scream.

Labeling people also makes me want to scream. Labels lead to stereotyping each other, and we need to stop and see each other for who we are. As we look at each other, look for the beauty instead of finding fault. It’s much easier to find fault, but with a little practice you start seeing the beauty that may be hidden. We all have different talents, and we are all beautiful in our own way.

As a writer, sometimes it is easier to label people and write about stereotypical behaviors. People are people, and we all react to most situations the same way. It is much more challenging to turn stereotypes on their heads and come at something from a different point of view. Challenging the status quo keeps us from doing things just because that is the way that they have always been. The next time someone asks why do we do this thing this way check yourself if your answer is this is the way it has always been. The way that things have always been keeps us in a state of stagnation and in a nice rut. Break out your rut, and try something new.

We did another 8 mile hike this weekend. Before we went, the boys got bathed and clipped. Not really good timing on our part because they did get kind of dusty on the trail. We brushed them out really well when we got home. Pepper hates being groomed, and he tried to claw his way into my chest when I ‘rescued’ him from our utterly delightful groomer. Morgan got an awesome picture of him peeking out from beneath my hair. He looks like a member of an 80s hair band. Too cute!

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  1. Train Today to Reap Tomorrow | 20th Mar 17

    Enjoy from 80’s, 90’s, 2K and Today! Labeled or not you have tell me!!

  2. lupa08 | 22nd Mar 17

    Hi! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

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    The award is non-compulsory and I hope you have a great day!

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