Green, Green, Green. Is it Easy Being Green? WPC

Leaves, grass, and flower stems all seem to have no trouble being green. They simply are. One day the warmth of the day defeats the cold of winter, and life happens in little spurts and fits. I see small patches of green peaking out here and there today, and I marvel at the beauty of God’s creation. I also feel envious of the plants in a weird way because they are what they are without question; they don’t need to feel any acceptance of their situation. They just grow.

It’s not easy living a green lifestyle if you’re a human though. It takes deliberate choices and actions. I am continuously amazed at how hard it is to get rid of the daily chemicals that are all around us. I kind of miss the ignorance that I used to live in. Before I knew about all of the extra additives that are put into our food, I felt a lot better about eating it.

It’s not easy being green today, as all I’m thinking about is black coffee. Yes, you just heard that right; I have had no coffee today at all. I have the caffeine withdrawal headache going on, and my green jasmine tea is just not cutting it. I had cut down to only one cup per day, but I just haven’t had my one cup yet today. Self denial is torturous today. At least my nails are still green from St. Paddy’s Day! My nail polish is a definite guilty pleasure.

It might not be easy being green for these little plants once Friday and next week shows up. After all of this beautiful too warm weather, the snow returns on Friday. I’ll be covering what I can and hoping for the best. Hopefully our green little buds won’t be killed and falling off of the plants. We desperately need the moisture, but I’d rather have rain instead of snow. We have 5 or 6 days of snow possible for the next week.

At least my lunch was green with lettuce and avocado mixed up with some tomatoes. I also had a half of a grass fed beef hamburger topped with refried beans and green chili. It was an awesome tasting hamburger; I can now highly recommend grass fed beef.

I leave you this afternoon with some final pics of our premature spring. Thanks for coming around and have a blessed day.

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