Versatile Blogger Award Nomination!!

I’d like to thank Lupa08 at The Romantic Quill for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I must admit that I had no idea what it was and had to research it a little bit. I’m continuously floored that anyone comes by to read my ramblings, and I’m very humbled to have been nominated. I have no idea of how to add the award logo to my blog, so that will have to come later after Spring break is finished, and I have time to do more research.

According to the Versatile Blogger rules, I’m supposed to thank the person who nominated me, add the logo, nominate 15 other bloggers and write 7 interesting facts about myself.

Once again, thank you, Lupa08 at The Romantic Quill for your lovely nomination. I always enjoy the honesty of your posts, and I’m thrilled to have the spotlight shine on me in any way. I’m not supposed to nominate you back, so this shout out will have to do!

I don’t follow rules very well. I think that’s why it has taken me over a week to get this post written, so I’m going to tell you 7 things about myself first.

  1. I make my own path and my own rules. I crash often and hard, but at least I did it to myself, so I never have anyone to blame but me for my bad decisions. One day I’m going to learn to wait for God, but right now I run ahead and trip myself when I look back over my shoulder to see what is taking Him so long.
  2. This morning I have lost all of the weight that I gained when I quit smoking on May 1, 2016. Bye bye, 15 pounds!! It has been an up and down roller coaster where I would gain and lose, but I am finally there! I want to eat some ice cream to celebrate, but I won’t because now I just have to set a goal to lose 10 more pounds.
  3. Colorado is the fifth state that I’ve lived in, and I like it the best because I love to be outdoors. It also reminds me of my dad and his John Wayne movies. I’d like to get back into horseback riding now that I’m here.
  4. If I were a dog, I’d be a Jack Russell Terrier. It is torture to sit in one place for over 30 minutes at a time. I think a desk is a torture device invented by Marquis De Sade, and modern jobs worked chained at desks are really glimpses into hell.
  5. The best thing I’ve ever done to help my own sanity is to marry a good man who is calmer than I am. We compliment each other in all of the right ways, and he makes me a better person. My hubby, Andy, is a saint for putting up with me, and he shows me what it means to love someone every single day. I love you, baby!!
  6. People who know me that I like think I talk too much. People who don’t know me think I never say a word. My poor friends! I save up all of those words for you. I’m so sorry. The Dollar Tree sells ear plugs.
  7. It took me over 3 years to go from the idea of writing a blog to actually writing the blog. It seems like hubris to think that people actually want to hear what I have to see or see pictures of how I view the world, so thank you all for stopping by to read my strange thoughts.

Now for the hard part of nominating 15 other blogs. It’s like picking one jelly bean out of an entire jar. Oh, well, here we go, folks.

  1. I love Cee’s Photography blog. She features weekly challenges that have pushed me to take different types of pictures to torture you guys with. Her photos are quirky and awesome.
  2. I like Rohvannyn at Mindflight. She writes on a variety of different topics, and she highlights a lot of books. She also has great information on self publishing.
  3. Chronicles of a Anglo Swiss has beautiful pictures of Switzerland. I love the concise language of this blog. It is direct and to the point which I’d like to write more this way.
  4. Amy at The World is a Book posts beautiful travel pictures. I look to look through her blog for ideas for stories.
  5. The Everyday Strange Blog forces me to look at the world around me in a different way, and challenges me to find beauty in the mundane.
  6. La Rioja and the world seen from my guardavinas gives me a glimpse into Spain as seen by a vintner. He posts the most beautiful pictures of views and artwork, and he displays his love of his country and his culture with every photograph.
  7. Train Today to Reap Tomorrow always reminds me that the best things in life take hard work and dedication. If it’s worth having, it’s worth fighting for.
  8. Fearless is a blog written by a Christian with Multiple Sclerosis. She handles her challenges with dignity and Grace, and she inspires me to a better person and a better Christian.
  9. Hope Welborn has known me for forever and was the first person to comment on my blog who wasn’t a spam bot. Please check out her uplifting blog and books. It is well worth your time.
  10. The Snow Melts Somewhere always reminds me that I have to have more patience because spring always follows the winter time. Gorgeous pictures of faraway places that I’d still like to visit.
  11. If you’re seeing a photographic pattern to my nominations, you are correct. I love taking pretty pictures and seeing pretty pics. The Spirit of Dragonflies will not disappoint you with an unique world view and more lovely pictures.
  12. My Creator’s Creation showcases the beauty of a world created and blessed by God, and it reminds me to give thanks every day for my blessings.
  13. Sandy J. White’s Out of my Write Mind reminds me that I’m quirky not crazy, and that I need to get back to writing.
  14. Allan at Ohm Sweet Ohm uses the Hipstamatic app to filter his pictures that he takes with his iPhone. I take most of my shots with an iPhone, and his blog prods me to experiment with my pictures even more than I do.
  15. Heaven’s Sunshine is another blog that celebrates God through the beauty of the world around us. Very well framed and beautiful pics that are simple and clean and pleasing to the eye.

Thanks once again, Lupa08, for this nomination. I can’t wait to see which blogs you guys nominate next!



  1. Cee Neuner | 31st Mar 17

    A big congratulations on receiving this award. I remember when I first got it, years ago now, I was so honored and grateful. Thanks so much for nominating me, but since I’ve already had this award I will pass for now. I’m honored you thought of me. Have fun with it. 😀

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