The Melting Security of an Ice Plate

Our early spring was interrupted by a small storm this week. The weathermen called for a trace of snow which somehow morphed into about 8 inches in Littleton. After the last 3 storms have all been rain, our false sense of security in spring was buried in a hurry. The snow fell on Tuesday and was pretty much all melted away on Wednesday. It was a very nice shot of moisture that quickly left us.

I snapped the pic below of our table on the side porch. The snow melted so fast that it created a film of water under the snow which caused it to slip right off the table. The snow hung precariously off the table with no real security to hold it into place. That thin layer of water helped it melt together for several hours before it fell all the way off.

I snapped the next pica about an hour later when more of the snow had disappeared. I love how the lip of the snow is just hanging there in blank space. If a tiny world were living in that snow, they would have no idea that a disaster of epic proportions had already been set into motion. They’d be down there just living their every day lives until the temperature rose enough to create enough water for the whole snow plate to fall off or simply melted the snow away. Poof! Here today and gone tomorrow, no longer able to hold onto that false sense of security.

We walked to Morrison, Colorado last weekend to get an ice cream. It was a beautiful 13 mile hike which out steps our usual walk of 8 miles. We took the dogs with us. Thank goodness the sun hid behind some clouds. Cole Bear got pretty hot at first. Walking into Morrison, rock cliffs rise above you. We saw several groups rock climbing. I love the different layers in the rocks and how large they look when you’re walking along. They seem smaller when you whiz by in a car.

After we got to the dog friendly patio of the restaurant, Andy and Morgan went inside and left me holding the dog leashes. Pepper hates it when he gets left behind. He hopped up onto the bench when his daddy was rude enough to walk away without him! We’ve never stopped at an actual restaurant during any other walk, so this was a real outlier experience for the boys. Pepper loves to hop onto picnic table tops, so he tried to do it here. Oops! They didn’t bark at any of the other dogs, and they did get a little of mommy’s strawberry ice cream.

Later, Pepper and Cole snuggled up in the security of daddy’s lap. Does it get any better than that in a chihuahua’s world? The picture below is Pepper looking pretty happy sitting at daddy’s left hand.

Below is Cole hanging out on daddy’s right side. They’re both pretty darn content.

We’re not sure where we’re going hiking this weekend. We haven’t decided yet. Morgan is rooting for walking to Ken Caryl Road to the IHOP for breakfast, but that is only 3 miles away. We would definitely need to also walk somewhere else. Have a blessed week, my friends!


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