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The Melting Security of an Ice Plate

Our early spring was interrupted by a small storm this week. The weathermen called for a trace of snow which somehow morphed into about 8 inches in Littleton. After the last 3 storms have all been rain, our false sense of security in spring was buried in a hurry. The snow fell on Tuesday and was pretty much all melted away on Wednesday. It was a very nice shot of moisture that quickly left us…


Tremble Like a Chihuahua

I’m not really sure how we ended up with little dogs; I’ve always been a medium sized dog person. A medium sized dog can still snuggle and get love but has no problem going on longer hikes with you. Most medium sized dogs seem to be a nice mix of other breeds, and you end up with a more mellow dog that has the best characteristics of all of the different…

Cole Bear Chihuahua loving on a treat

Are We There Yet?!?

Laugh away. I’m kind of laughing at myself this morning as well because we have 4 more weeks to go. We ran 3.1 miles, or 5K, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. DoTERRA deep blue rub is now my best friend. Andy was also applying it last night. Poor Morgan even needed it yesterday. She didn’t need it because of running. She fell in gym and hurt her knee. She put deep…