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Traveling in Colorado

Always Follow Your Dreams!

Always follow your dreams no matter where they may take you. That’s where you are supposed to be! Advertisements…


Thriving in and not just surviving Colorado Traffic

Driving to the Denver Tech Center this morning in rush hour traffic, I began to mentally write this post. The big white Ford truck tailgating me inspired me. At first I was simply wondering if he was cleaning out my tailpipe back there. Then I found myself wondering if he wanted me to just hit the person in front of me to move them out of the way because the laws of physics were preventing…

Welcome to my new website!

I am so excited to have finally started my blog and launched my new Facebook page. Bear with me people as I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m winging it well. We’re going to be exploring several different topics here as you all know that I have massive ADD. Thank you so much for visiting. We will be discussing running, healthy menus and essential oils to…