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A Nap, a Massage, and some serious DoTERRA Deep Blue Rub

Creaky, crack and groan! I feel old today and very stiff! But we did it, so I hurt so good. Andy and I ran 3 miles while Morgan was in karate class at the Denver Karate Academy. We ran for .1 of a mile, and then we would walk .05 of a mile, and then we’d run again and then walk again. We had a time of 44 minutes which was mainly my fault…


Week One – Training for St. Jude’s 5K September 24th run

  The title of this post sounds so ambitious – training for a 5K run. Doesn’t it just sound better than we’re trying to run a 5K as a family? We looked up tips and tricks on how to get into better shape for a 5K run. Google did not let us down. There were plenty of experts out there trying to help us be better runners or just trying to sell us something…