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The Melting Security of an Ice Plate

Our early spring was interrupted by a small storm this week. The weathermen called for a trace of snow which somehow morphed into about 8 inches in Littleton. After the last 3 storms have all been rain, our false sense of security in spring was buried in a hurry. The snow fell on Tuesday and was pretty much all melted away on Wednesday. It was a very nice shot of moisture that quickly left us…


A Yellow Rose Hosting a Bug Parade

All right. Maybe 2 bugs is not an actual bug parade, but I do like the idea! I just needed a touch of spring today…

Fear vs Faith – Daily Prompt: Resist

Today started out with sunshine, and pretty clouds peeking around the ridge line making the view awesome as usual. Then the clouds obscured the ridge line on the other side of C-470, and the temperature plummeted. I’ve been spinning my wheels at my desk all morning, dithering this way and that. It’s the first day of a new month which means its time to make goals and a plan to…

Show Love. Speak Love. Be Love.

"Show Love. Speak Love. Be Love. You never know who needs to hear your uplifting words, and the first person that they help is you."
Liz Fiero