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Prologue – A Chilly Wind

CINDY and Billy Ramsey were running late to church again. The atmosphere in the car was icy after this morning’s fight. Helen didn’t notice as she sucked her binky, but Cassandra noticed. She knew that it was her fault, and she swallowed past the lump in her throat. Her white clenched knuckles stared back at her as she looked for a miracle in the floorboard of the car. There will be…


Quicken to Life

I started this post before walking to my Bible study on Revelation, and I confess that I’ve deleted the whole thing and started over. You would have never known that if I hadn’t confessed it to you, but I figured that you should know. Revelation is a hard book to work your way through. It has all of this apocalyptic imagery, and it’s filled with a lot of death…